Christian Gennerat

Address Paris, France
Marital status
Date of birth
Married, 1 child (18 years)
1947, june 12th

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Personal site
Old Paris maps
Minutier (research in notary archives)
Genealogy: Paris Dufour Sancerre Cher Monod

Summary of qualifications

  Highly knowledgeable with broad technical skills. Demonstrated ability to work independently or cooperatively as part of a team to meet project deadlines. Excellent qualifications in web applications, support, network architecture,  development with technical expertise to select the most adequate tools and consistently exceed corporate goals.

Technical expertise

  • Assembler language on Univac 1108, CDC 6600, PDP-8, GA 16, X86
  • Fortran IV
  • Message switching: SWIFT
  • Windows NT/2000/XP
  • Samba
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Solaris 7
  • MacOS 9
  • MacOS X
  • Mandrake-Linux
  • Debian-Linux
  • C programming: Hardware dependent tools and driver maintenance
  • Networking, Firewall: Ethernet, Irda, Wifi
  • Awk
  • Apache
  • Perl 5.8
  • HTML / CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP4
  • MySQL
  • OpenEMR

Professionnal experience

At home,
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Creation of web sites with JavaScript , PHP4 or Perl, MySQL data bases, and optimized HTML code using CSS. Make off-line tools with Perl.
Tests on OpenEMR (open source medical clinic practice management and electronic medical record application)
Installation and tests on OpenEmed (
set of distributed healthcare information service components built around the OMG distributed object specifications and the HL7 (and other) data standards)
Alcatel CIT, Alcatel 1000 GSM switch
As expert, member of a small team, investigations upon acute bugs in the GSM software, and tests on GSM system with heavy load. Theese tests are running in a network environment with traffic simulators, online logging and diagnostic tools.
Thomson-CSF Téléphone, MT20 (now Alcatel 1000 E10) gateway switch.
As member of the qualification team, final testing and reporting software bugs. Before ISO 9000 standards, enhancing a fault reports and patches management system.
CGCT (a company of ITT), message switching system: Bankcom
Responsable of the sampling software for low speed serial lines (up to 19200 Bd), and of the API for the BSC 3270 protocol
1971-1975 LMT (a company of ITT), PCM (Pulse Coded Modulation) new technology project
Conceive and run hardware testing programs for the validation of the first generation of a telephone switch using time-space-time switching.


Mother tongue

Learned at school. Useful for grammar. It was an unconscious introduction to computer languages.

Learned at school, practiced for tourism and during a 6 month session in Alcatel-Bell, Antwerp.
Used on many mailing-lists and forums about Linux installation and specific applications.

Learned at school.

Edudation and training


Ecole Polytechnique (Paris)
As an option, introduction to computer science on small and big computers.
Personal work: creation of an API for an easy use of a plotter from Fortran programs, within a batch environment on Univac 1108.